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IoT and smart city industry are the emerging industries in the SHUZHI.AI strategic plan. We focus on IoT technology, target at various sectors, leverage financial resources, consolidate the city information infrastructure construction, smart city public service and smart industry development, and provide proper solutions for urban, industrial, government and civil services. We commit to solve difficulties such as industrial upgrading, informatization management, environmental administration and civil service and spare no efforts in building the next generation smart city.

SHUZHI.AI IoT is guided by the smart city concept. We consolidate the cutting-edge IoT perception, transmission, data processing and AI application technologies, build big data public service platform with smart lamppost and city IoT, big data service platform for the air pollution grid administration based on cognitive computing, video monitoring platform with panoramic and visible smart perception etc. As a result, the IoT platform realizes the real-time perception, comprehensive monitoring and smart management of environment, objects, equipments and locations.

SHUZHI.AI has rolled out the city-level top planning and designing in smart city development, and provided service in three major areas, namely information infrastructure, smart public service and smart industry. To be more specific, the first one includes lamppost and pipeline, the second includes environment, monitoring and government affairs, while the third includes park, public security, transportation, tourism, campus etc.

Construction and Operation of City Information Infrastructure

Smart lamppost

Lamppost runs along with the roads and streets and covers the city like vessels and nerves. The integration of power, network and administration makes it the natural carrier for the city IoT. Shuzhi adopts the design that reflects the city's culture, constructs the consolidation system of energy supply, energy saving, data collection, information transmission, data processing and function interaction, and builds lamppost into the smart service terminal of the city based on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence algorithms. The smart lamppost makes the city intelligence, pretty and intensive.

City Attribute of Smart Lamppost

Rare resorces

The smart lamppost solution for city infrastructure will integrate basic services such as lighting management, vehicle charging, 4G/5G distribution, security monitoring, environmental administration, WiFi, information publish etc.

Data gateway

The smart lamppost solution for city data collection will add video collection, audio collection and environmental sensors and other equipments on the lamppost since they run along the road, realize the real-time collection of city operation data, and provide basic data support for city management and service.

Health guard

The smart lamppost solution for environment will use lamppost in air, noise, water and soil data monitoring, combine with satellite remote data and meteorological data, conduct multiple dimension analysis for the data of same place and different time or of same time and different dimension, trace the pollution source, roll out joint action on environmental pollution and achieve effective prevention and control.

Safe guard

The smart lamppost solution for security will put video, audio and many data collection and sensing devices on the lamppost, and combine with the robust data analysis and mining capability of IoT at back stage.

Public service

To develop solutions for different scenarios, such as smart park, smart scenic spot, smart industrial zone, smart campus.

Invaluable treasure

The smart lamppost is valuable in security, healthcare, energy and landscape. By serving each resident, it is our friend and our treasure.

Smart Industry Development