SHUZHI.AI NLP cognition matrix enables robot to think like human


provide robust parallel computing and distributed computing capability.


base on natural language processing technology, analyze structured and unstructured data, including text, picture, audio, video etc.


combine knowledge fragments, derive and analyze, obtain deep business insights and decision making references.


by model optimization and constant improvement, Knogen machine learning matrix can learn and understand like human, and extract critical information for massive data.


interact with human efficiently in a more natural way, understand the semantic, emotions etc. from unstructured data quickly.


get business insight in most intuitive way by rich visualized presentations.

Robust language processing technologies

to provide all-round service

lexical analysis
dependency parsing analysis
feeling/emotion identification analysis
entity recognition
word vector presentation
semantic association
word sense similarity
opinion mining

Smart scenario solutions to facilitate business development

Chatting robot

Fit into the business need accurately, the robot can follow instructions, answer questions and guide the business

Your product is able to chat and interact, thanks to the leading technologies such as need understanding, conversation control, machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge mining

Application: banks, government service centers, hospitals and other service places

Article/novel writing assistance

Use article lexical and syntax analysis, feeling/emotion identification etc. to capture the obscene, political or terrorism content from article or novel, improve the efficiency of manual review, and reduce the risk of publication restriction or blocking

The semantic association service can help to explore plot pathway and inspire new ideas for authors. Besides, the word sense similarity service is able to suggest on corrections along the article/novel writing

Application: help we media, writers etc. in creating or writing