SHUZHI.AI Financial Intelligence Product Matrix

Precise search

Any research report, intelligence, information or data is available for precise search.

Redundant information won’t be shown based on our semantic extension technology and reasonable guessing of user’s search intention.

Notes organization

All the searched text/data and the uploaded documents will be put in the file library.

The whole document or any part of it being selected can be marked as notes, which helps you access information anytime and anywhere. 

Cooperated operation

Your notes, others’ notes, or resources outside the system can all be used as backup material for your output of professional results.

Through self-built working group, multiple users in the group can work together to complete the report making, analysis and forecast.

Industry chain

The industry, product and enterprise industry chain is built for financial market, especially listed companies based on the knowledge map of Miteno.

The "event-industry chain" impact assessment series model is created through machine learning which has been trained by millions of events so that we can focus on the whole and make analysis more in-depth.

Analysis and forecast

You can get data for analysis and prediction at one stop since the annual/quarterly financial report, stock price and other information of the listed enterprises are included.

Furthermore, you will benefit from the analyst’s classical forecast model and cross checking, as well as the deep forecast model based on machine learning.

SHUZHI.AI Financial Intelligence Solutions