Empower the Smart Credit

Focus on credit, provide the social credit evaluation model based on artificial intelligence and big data technology, as well as automatically generate the whole credit value chain that includes credit rating, credit archive, credit forecast and credit risk alert report with high quality.

Serve the social credit system building, credit market consulting and research, and provide big data solutions for government, enterprise and industry.

Liquidize the data asset based on credit big data, connect platforms and sectors, participate in all areas of social credit system building, and establish an open operation ecosystem.

Products and Services

Social credit building and management

Public credit information platform, public credit service platform, credit regulatory alert platform, credit application showcase platform.

Enterprise credit service

Credit cloud platform, supply chain credit management, traceability analysis, brand value analysis, credit risk management, credit sentiment monitoring.

Basic service platform

Processing platform for credit data and resource, sentiment monitoring system, platform for share and exchange, big data platform for government affairs.

Typical cases

Big data for enterprise environmental credit, big data for poor alleviation credit, big data for specific crowd.