Machine learning is the basic service of artificial intelligence

  • Start the machine learning service from scratch in SHUZHI.AI

    The open SHUZHI.AI machine learning package

    The SHUZHI.AI machine learning package can boost the efficiency of data science work. By simply creating point-to-point channel, the SHUZHI.AI machine learning package enables developers to build and deploy the machine learning and deep learning models with high AI quality for various fields, as well as accelerate the building process.

    You can use the SHUZHI.AI machine learning package build your own machine learning service for business or learning purposes. The even better option is we help you to build.

  • SHUZHI.AI machine learning and deep learning matrix

    Basic AI service: the SHUZHI.AI machine learning service provides basic services for AI training, such as natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, image recognition, text to speech etc.

    Deep learning platform: the SHUZHI.AI deep learning platform enables flexible, fast and highly-scalable model training experience. Besides, the SHUZHI.AI big data kit realizes real-time acceleration by memory computing to build large-scale elastic application.

    AI infrastructure: a lot of models are added in the neural network. SHUZHI.AI instance has robust GPU computing capability for shorter computing time.

  • Model self-calibration service

    Free the hands of algorithm engineers

    The routine tasks that don't need deep deliberation by human can be automated, thanks to the programmatic artificial algorithm model calibration. Whether human should involve in a specific task can be determined by the task model, pre-defined standard and algorithm. As a result, a lot more important tasks can be done without human.

    The technology in transaction level and analysis level can be combined to check the task model in real time. If the instruction doesn't match the pre-defined feature standard, such instruction will be listed in the exceptional list, and no excessive analysis will be done. This is a powerful change for efficient use of resources after the events occur.

  • Structured data governance service

    The SHUZHI.AI knowledge graph components have structuralizing the structured or unstructured encyclopedia data, form data, industrial and commercial data, patent data, news, we media text etc. Developers can focus on algorithm and business evolution other than the trivial data governance.

    In the meantime, we have opened some structured text, picture and video data for instant accessibility.