Beijing Miteno Data Technology Co., Ltd.

Miteno is dedicated to helping first-class enterprises and government do data planning and practice. It mainly focuses on data platform projects and applied R&D projects based on its independent R&D products. At present, it is independently developing intelligent big data asset management platform, intelligent data panoramic display platform and intelligent recognition system for individual characteristics. Since establishment, the company has engaged upon the construction of smart city and government big data platform. It has participated in the construction and operation of big data projects in various industries and has accumulated mature application experience and can provide mature solutions. It has accumulated a large amount of data assets in the operation process, which can provide data support for the application in various industries.

Beijing Nuoxin cloud technology co.,Ltd.

Beijing Nuoxin cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company under SHUZHI.AI Group (stock ticker: 300038) for the social responsibility credit system construction, poverty alleviation informatization construction, mobile phone operation, big data analysis etc. We are market-driven and customer-centered, dedicated to meet the personalized demand by best product and service, and use our high-quality technical team and complete management and development system to serve customers whole-heartedly. SHUZHI.AI Group has supported our team in the poverty alleviation informatization for six years, developed and operated several national poverty alleviation informatization systems, helped around 5 million poor population for the good of the society. Under the leadership and support of China Poverty Alleviation Promotion of Volunteer Service, we will continue to contribute to the social responsibility credit and poverty alleviation precisely and inspiringly.

Zhongsheng Credit Management Co.,Ltd.

Established in 2014, Zhongsheng Credit Management Co. is an independent third party credit institution for credit risk control, big data analysis service and enterprise credit report service. We use authoritative data source granted by government departments and ministries, collect big data online, and build advanced, safe and efficient credit platform by data mining and analysis. The proprietary Zhixin enterprise credit information service platform is offering credit information inquiry, enterprise credit report, enterprise risk alert, enterprise public sentiment etc. It covers the public information from industry and commerce, court, quality inspection, tax, public sentiment stakeholders etc., focuses on enterprise credit report, and offers product such as enterprise risk control. We own all the intellectual property of the product. The information service is accessible all over the country. After more than three years' efforts, we are glad to see many real-life applications. As a credit service professional, we commit to the mission of "building a society with better credit" and aim at growing into a global agency with high influence and credibility.