Yunshuqiyuan is a cutting-edge technical company orginiated from Silicon Valley and developed by the Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data of Shuzhi Technology(300038.SZ). Under the mission of Knowledge as a Service, our powerful R&D team leverage AI technologies, consolidate global premium resources on network, break the barrier between data and knowledge, provide professional knowledge services, use computer in causal and logical analysis and judgment, and assist humen in smart decision-marking.

Yunshuqiyuan is focusing on big data, knowledge graph, natural language understanding and machine learning, proriotizing technical innovation, facilitating smart marketing, investment, research and consulting, as well as offering automatic analysis on upstream and downstream industrial chain.  Several smart platforms have been developed, such as financial search (https://www.knogen.com or search "Knogen Financial Intelligence" in Wechat) and marketing tool  (search Yingchuangyi in Wechat), and major breakthroughs in financial intelligence and smart medical solutions have been achieved.  We spare no efforts in offering more industry knowledge solutions to customers so that they can benefit from the artificial intelligence era.