• 01.16.2019 At the 15th People's Congress of Beijing, Zhang Zhiyong, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shuzhi.AI, Made Suggestions for Building a Creditable Beijing and Optimizing the Business Environment.
  • 01.14.2019 [Good news came again] Shuzhi.AI Promoted Digital Economic Development and Won the Award of "2018 Excellent Solution for China's Smart Cities".
  • 10.29.2018 Zhang Zhiyong, the founder and Chairman of SHUZHI.AI: Seize opportunities from changes and create value in industrial ecology
  • 10.29.2018 Overall strategies in "Big Data + AI" era: SHUZHI.AI is expanding internationally, landed in China
  • 10.29.2018 Implication of SHUZHI.AI big data and AI applied in various fields
  • 10.29.2018 The internet industry pays close attention to SHUZHI.AI and looks forward to the new era of "Big Data + AI" together
  • 10.29.2018 Zhang Xiaodong, CSO of Shuzhi.AI: Shuzhi.AI Has Exported Its Scientific Achievements in Big Data and AI to Many Fields
  • 09.18.2018 Miteno to attend International Digital Economy Expo 2018 at invitation
  • 10.17.2018 New Brand, New Strategy, New Products, and New Team: Miteno Re-name Announcement
  • 08.07.2018 [From IFENG.COM] A Debut at China Joy – you mustn’t miss Miteno
  • 06.08.2018 Miteno’s overseas subsidiary renews a five-year major contract, improving the certainty of its performance
  • 10.29.2018 Beijing Miteno Communications Technology Co., Ltd. is renamed itself SHUZHI.AI and aims at global market, Chairman Zhang Zhiyong leads the era of intelligent big data
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